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It all starts with a product. Our company was founded and continues to grow based on this simple idea. It doesn’t need to be rocket science. Sometimes it’s the simplest, most overlooked markets that when approached carefully and professionally have the greatest potential. We understand this concept because we live it. Leo Lai invented and innovated new manufacturing processes in Taiwan over 45 years ago. The expertise in metal fabrication and orders that it generated grew our company and allowed us to expend into numerous product lines. We have built everything from air conditioner housings to wood burning stoves. Today L’S Giant covers 12,000 square meters in Dongguan and 30,000 square meters in Xiamen. Our most highly visible products are probably from the metal ceiling division. Our ceiling covers the interiors of landmarks such as the Sydney Train station, Taipei airport and more. Or maybe you have noticed an in-ground or portable basketball hoop that is in the driveway of 40 percent of American homes. Most likely it came off our production line.

We are proud of the great relationships we have forged with our customers, contractors and employees. Our biggest customer has been working with us for more than 10 years and one of our oldest customers has been working with us for over 30 years. Their 3rd generation is running the company now, and is still working with us. Our supply chain is always stable in both quality and price.  Most of our contractors have been working with us for over 10 years. We value each and every one of our employees and care deeply that their needs are met.  Employee turnaround says a lot about the quality and integrity of a company. At our Xiamen, Dongguan, and Taipei locations all of our first-hired employees are still working with us after 20-30 years. That is something we are proud of. 

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Where all of our Taiwanese metal ceiling projects are made and installed.


Where larger heavier products are made such as swing sets, chairs and large non-portable basketball hoops.


Where we produce benches, tables and portable basketball hoops.