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60 Years

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Specialists in Metal Fabrication

Whether you need metal roofing tiles, goal frames, chassis or any  other metal fabrication, our factory is an excellent choice.


Why Choose L’s Giant?

Our commitment to quality and consistency has earned our factory a distinguished reputation as exemplified by our long list of high profile clients.

Committed to the Future

As a large scale manufacturer, we take our environmental footprint seriously and we utilize various techniques, such as wastewater recycling system and air filtration system, to minimize pollution. Today, we are the model example factory referenced by the government.

Who Chooses L’s Giant?

  • The largest consumer goods companies in the world:

    Products manufactured in L’s giant are sold across the globe in the world’s largest retailers including Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  • Amazon and online sellers:

    We have designed and manufactured dozens of #1 Best Sellers and Customer Rated Five Star Products. We work with you to design packaging that keeps the product undamaged so it arrives at the customers doorstep like it should, design master cartons for optimal weight and know where costs should be focused for the online customer. We have experience shipping directly to Amazon warehouses. We have also worked with customers as a Hub as they source and ship products from multiple manufacturers to our warehouse where we package and ship for them.

  • Design Companies:

    With 2 offices each with an independent engineering team we are able to bring CAD and concepts to life quickly and in the most cost-effective manner. We pass samples back and forth between our office to get fresh sets of eyes on the project and wring the most effective ideas out of the process. Our sample making and design efficiency is unmatched.

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